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About SSSI



Smartpark Systems Solutions, Inc. traces its roots back to the early 90’s Mitech Corporation, a subsidiary of Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. of the Ayala Group of Companies. Founded as an electronic company designing and manufacturing Filipino microprocessor-based products, especially Parking Management Systems, Mitech Corporation’s business was acquired by Borromeo Technology Holdings, Inc. (BTHI) in 1994.

The business model of Mitech was continued by BTHI until 2004 when two new companies, Smartpark Systems Solutions, Inc. and Mitech Systems Solutions, Inc., with new shareholders, acquired the businesses of BTHI.

Integrating know-how learned about hardware and software from Mitech Corporation and experience acquired in management services from BTHI, Smartpark remains focused on the Parking Management Industry, providing integrated business solutions to its parking clients.


SSSI sees itself as the Philippine leader in parking management services.

Being the pioneer in this industry, SSSI provides its clients with fully trained personnel who are pleasant, polite and trustworthy. We value the parkers’ first impression  as he drives  into the parking facility. This brief encounter can set the tone for the rest of the parkers’ stay in our client’s facility.

SSSI puts special emphasis on trust and honesty as we take care of carpark cash transactions in behalf of our clients. This is the result of years of experience in all aspects of parking management.


Major commercial establishments have been SSSI’s key customers since 2001. The company has received commendation from both clients and parkers for its excellence in management and customer service.

SSSI’s accomplishments show and increase of anywhere from 5% to 40% in daily carpark collections after turnover of management to SSSI. This achievement shows the level of our commitment to service to our clients and our clients’ customers. This is a testimony to the effectiveness of the company’s controls and audit.


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